Dé nieuwe manier van reizen

About glimble

Glimble makes your journey

With glimble you can travel throughout the Netherlands the way you want. Find, choose and pay for the most convenient travel options from moment to moment. With our customer service team on hand to provide personal assistance. Our aim? To help create a sustainable and liveable world while giving you complete freedom to travel.


About us

Our roots

Glimble was launched in July 2021 by international passenger transport provider Arriva. The app now has more than 200,000 active users in the Netherlands.

Glimble is a unique Mobility as a Service app for all Dutch public transport. That means it covers all operators! As well as shared transport.

We offer you the best travel experience

We are always finding ways to improve our service. Rather than looking at current travel options, we look at what passengers need. Offering a complete range of public and shared transport options. We provide prepaid travel packages. As well as the combination of personal and business travel. Along with easy payment, navigating you from door to door and no fuss checking in or out. 

More accessible, more liveable, more sustainable

Glimble is developed to make the Netherlands more accessible, more liveable and more sustainable. With glimble, you can make different choices that allow you to travel the way you want. We work in partnership with other sustainable mobility providers and are helping Arriva achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2025.

Glimble makes your journey

How mobility can be approached differently

Take control of your travel, costs and time

Glimble syncs with the changing rhythms of passengers and meets the growing need for flexible mobility solutions. Combining private, public or shared transport. Allowing you to control your travel, costs and time.

Glimble gives you the information you need to choose the most convenient travel option. You are in charge! The app puts all mobility solutions that match your personal preferences at your fingertips. So you can choose the best mobility solution for each trip. Giving you unlimited freedom to travel. 

A different way to travel? Go glimble!

  • For employers, the glimble travel app pairs with a user-friendly portal. This minimises your administration overnight (no more travel expense claims, everything itemised in one monthly statement). It also ensures compliance with regulations and allows your employees to travel the way they want. A low-cost flexible solution that quickly pays for itself.

    Business travel with glimble
  • Travel packages give you complete freedom


    A glimble travel package works like a data bundle for your phone! You decide how many days you want to travel within a 4-week period and pay a fixed price that saves you money. This gives you complete freedom. You can travel as much as you want all day on Arriva trains, buses and bikes throughout your chosen region.