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If you’re looking for a hassle-free mobility solution, offer your employees flexible travel options. Promote sustainable travel, free up your parking space and encourage vehicle sharing in one go, while keeping track of your overall travel expenditure. Discover the benefits of glimble for your business!


glimble takes care of mobility

Advice from a Mobility Coach

Do you need a solution to parking problems? Or is it more important to reduce your carbon footprint? Whatever your priority, our mobility coaches will help you make the best use of glimble within your organisation. We will also help build support in your internal organisation.

My glimble for business

The simple way to keep track of employee travel. The dashboard in my glimble for business provides an instant overview of all employee travel and your overall travel expenditure. And it’s easy to add employees. Mobility management is suddenly very simple.

Sustainable mobility

Glimble makes it easier than ever to promote sustainable travel. You choose the travel options offered to your employees. Combining different modes of travel helps reduce congestion in busy city centres and crowded car parks. And in my glimble for business you can see the positive impact on your company’s carbon footprint.

Your employees can arrange all their journeys in one app

From now on, your employees can plan and book all work travel through glimble, with payment automatically covered by their employer. No matter whether they travel from Groningen to Maastricht or from Amsterdam to Nijmegen. With glimble it couldn’t be simpler. If there are no company pool cars left on a certain day, glimble may suggest a combination of bike share and public transport. Discover the many possibilities of glimble today.

Your ways to get from door to door

Travel options in glimble

Your ways to get from door to door

Glimble offers easy door-to-door travel options. Choose car share and cycle part of the way on your own bike. Or if you prefer to travel by train, book a share bike for the last part of your journey. Many transport operators have already teamed up with glimble in the Netherlands. Soon you will be able to travel in Germany and Belgium as well.  And the list keeps growing.

Travel options

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