Easy travel on public transport

Easy travel on public transport

Train, bus, tram or metro? With glimble you can go anywhere on almost any public transport Benefits of the glimble travel app.

Trip planner, travel assistance and public transport tickets all in one app

Glimble app all in one

With glimble you can travel on almost all public transport in the Netherlands

Glimble is a new app created by Arriva. You can use it to travel throughout the Netherlands. Features include:

  • complete trip planner (public and shared transport)
  • real-time travel assistant (no more getting lost)
  • buy and keep tickets in the app
  • train, tram, bus, metro and shared transport

Now there’s no need to switch between apps when using public transport. Also good to know that with more services being added all the time, your travel options keep increasing.

What are the benefits of using glimble to travel on public transport in the Netherlands?

Benefits of using glimble
  • Travel without an OV-chipkaart
  • Trip planner and tickets for all public transport services in one app
  • No booking fees
  • See all travel options nearby
  • Travel assistant guides you through your journey
  • Combine public transport with bike, scooter and car-sharing services

Want to try the trip planner, travel assistant and/or buying tickets? Download glimble here

Check out these helpful features in the app

See travel options available nearby

Tap ‘Nearby stops' in the app to see all local stops, stations and shared transport services wherever you are. Tap the one you want and the app will guide you to it. So the glimble app is also helpful when you are out and about. 

Personal trip planner

Enter your start and end destinations and glimble will suggest travel options. Use public and/or shared transport. Cycle or walk part of the way. Set your preferences and make your choice. 

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