Shared scooters

Shared scooters

Want to book a shared scooter somewhere nearby in the Netherlands or combine one with train travel? You can check availability with glimble. 

More about using shared scooters

How it works

The glimble trip planner can show you travel options that combine public transport with a shared scooter, or it can just show shared-scooter rides. Then you book the scooter in the Felyx, GO Sharing or Check app that you use to start and end your scooter ride. The app for the scooter-sharing service will tell you where in the city you can park the scooter to end your ride.

Locating shared scooters

You can find shared scooters in many cities in the Netherlands including The Hague, Den Bosch, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Breda.

Tap ‘Stations’ in glimble to see at a glance what shared scooters are available nearby. Or enter a destination to check scooter availability in the area.

The cost of using a shared scooter

You pay for a scooter by the minute. Some scooter-sharing services charge a start rate. You also pay a slightly lower rate while the scooter is parked during your ride. You pay for your ride in the app for the scooter-sharing service.

You will soon be able to pay for your shared scooter ride in the glimble app. The cost will be the same whether you book through glimble or directly with the scooter-sharing service.

Download glimble and find shared scooters near you

Check the location and availability of all scooter-sharing services at a glance with glimble. Download glimble and give it a try!