Public transport & shared transport trip planner

Plan your trip easily with the glimble travel planner. We offer you an overview of all travel options with both public transport and shared transport. Plan your trip now.

Public transport route planner

How the route planner works

Easily plan your door-to-door journey in the Netherlands by public transport and shared transport with glimble.

Enter your starting point and destination and get a list of suggested routes. Select a travel advice and view the directions. The journey planner is available in 40 languages.

Glimble trip planner

Want to buy a public transport ticket for your journey in the Netherlands directly online? Scan the QR code at the bottom of the trip planner and download the free glimble travel app from the stores.

If you already have the glimble app on your phone, scan the QR code, directly view the travel advice in the app and buy public transport tickets. Also for your fellow passengers.

Travel planner train and bus

Glimble is a journey planner for train and bus in the Netherlands. You also plan and pay for all other types of public transport such as metro and tram with glimble. Travel without a OV-chipkaart, no need to check in and out.

Discover glimble yourself. 

Public transport journey planner and more

With glimble's journey planner, you plan your door-to-door journey with all Dutch public transport, shared bicycles, shared scooters and shared cars. You can even plan your trip a bit over the border in Belgium and Germany.

Download glimble and plan your trip

Plan your public transport and shared transport with glimble's trip planner