Shared bikes

Shared bikes

With glimble you can use shared bikes both throughout the Netherlands and in the German and Belgian border areas. Plan and book your shared bike ride with glimble and hop on a bike.

Bike-sharing services you can use with glimble

More bike-sharing services are being added all the time!

Want to find and rent a shared bike

Locating shared bikes

With glimble, you can find shared bikes throughout the Netherlands. Use the app to find the ones near you.

How it works

Find a bike-sharing service with glimble. You can also use glimble or the app for the bike-sharing service to unlock the bike and start your ride. It’s easy to stop and park wherever you want along the way. When you have finished with the bike, simply return it to one of the stations to end your ride. The cost of the ride is automatically collected from your payment method.

The cost of using a shared bike

Glimble helps get you on your way. The cost of renting a shared bike is the same whether you book through glimble or directly with the bike-sharing service. Shared bikes are usually rented by the minute or by the hour up to a maximum price per day. 

When you have returned the bike, the cost of the ride will appear in the ‘My rides’ section of the glimble app. Payment for the ride is automatically collected from your payment method.

Download glimble and find shared bikes near you

Download glimble and give it a try!